The Concept

The Naming of Find and Seek Books refers to the notion of ‘seek and you will find’. This draws from the idea of having an adventure when you travel – to try to discover by search or questioning, what is real about a place, or truly unique.

Kept busy by the children constantly looking for the next adventure Find and Seek Singapore was created by an expatriate mum of two boys and stems directly from their experience of living in Singapore. The book was also born out of the desire to create a keepsake of the time spent in Singapore as a family – now it is being shared as a travel book for everyone.

Reading books together is one of the best (and quieter times of the day), where the reader (and listeners) can be taken to other worlds. The first in the series Find and Seek Singapore will reward the curious mind and is created for the world citizens of our future.

The Author

Sally Roydhouse is an Australian creative who was born in a small country town in Tasmania. Much of her childhood was spent riding horses, picking fruit, and swimming in rivers, and a love for those days has never left her.

Sally works within design and publishing for a myriad of clients, with projects ranging from art direction and styling, brand identity and print, to creating and writing her own picture books. The opportunity came to move to Singapore with her husband in early 2007 and she has since enjoyed the adventure of living in South East Asia – when not working on creative projects, she enjoys looking for the next adventure with her three sons Rupert, David, and Jack and riding a horse when she gets a chance.

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Chillax Market with Cuckoo


We had the opportunity to present Find and Seek Singapore to a new audience of little listeners at the Chillax markets with Cuckoo Little Lifestyle Store on Saturday, held at Turf City. It was a delight to be part of Cuckoo’s divine selection of kids wares and to meet some new faces. Check out their site

Our first Event at Kinokuniya


It was very exciting to have so many lovely faces at Find and Seek Singapore‘s first event at Kinokuniya. There were games and prizes as well as a chance to have a chat with the author. Thank you for those who came out to support Find and Seek Books, thank you also to our distributor APD and Kinokuniya for making the event possible.

Kinokuniya Event 7th February


Please come and join us for a ‘Meet the Author’ event at Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store on Saturday 7th February. Bring along the kids for some fun activities and a chance to have your book signed. You will be able to meet and talk face to face with the author and learn about how Find and Seek Singapore was created. See you there!

ANZA Made in Singapore Issue


Find and Seek Singapore was recently featured in Singapore’s ANZA Jan/Feb 2015 magazine. Fittingly it was the ‘Made in Singapore’ edition and we were thrilled to be included with a lovely article written by the editor Sara Lewis. It was fantastic to meet Sara whom spent her own childhood growing up in Singapore and is proud to accredit this experience as influencing her adult identity. The magazine also featured other Singaporean based creatives with unique stories to tell, as well as a fantastic Check out Singapore booklet of the happening neighborhoods of our city. Worth a read.

Family Holliday in Australia


We have just had an amazing three weeks home in Australia catching up with family and friends for Christmas. We split our time between Victoria and Tasmania and were spoilt rotten with the weather, amazing food and fresh clean country air. The boys spent hours outdoors playing with their cousins in the dirt and sand, swimming at the beach, enjoying little adventures everywhere with smiles on their faces. You notice the benefits the children have acquired from having a change of scene and different people in their lives. We are now back, refreshed and ready to face an exciting year ahead.

Find and Seek at the Airport


On our recent trip home to Australia we were all so excited to discover Find and Seek Singapore for sale in a number of the Changi Airport bookstores. It is now stocked in terminals 1 and 2 at Relay, Times Travel and Kaboom. So if you are heading away for a holiday, or have some friends passing through, please pick up a copy. So exciting!

Behind the scenes


A behind the scenes look of David in our makeshift studio. We had an afternoon of conversations about ‘travel’ with seven little people. The video has now been shot, so please stay tuned for its release. Can’t wait!

Behind the scenes


In preparation for a little video we are creating for the launch of our first book Find and Seek Singapore, my boys helped paint the backdrop. It was messy but fun, and Superman pants were a requirement.